Isn’t that a question we women struggle with most of our lives?  Well maybe there are people out there who are solid in their foundation, purpose, and goals in life but I am far from being that person.  I do know that the answer is ever-evolving, but learning that has been quite the process.

I am a woman who has grown from an angsty teenager and young woman.  I am a daughter and a sister, and in both of those roles I feel like I struggled early in life.  My parents set high expectations for me and I found them difficult to achieve and maintain. My sister and I never got along until I moved out of the house at 18. I have come to realize my parents just wanted the best for me, and that siblings will always fight, as I watch my two currently arguing over the same LEGO set (why not play with literally any other of the thousands of toys in this house?!)

My little sister Menaka and I, we clean up fairly well

I am also a wife. I met my husband when I was close to giving up in the love department. We met on, and I always joke what a waste the membership was because he was the first and only person I met on that site, the rest was history!  Marriage isn’t perfect and I am far from a perfect wife.  But ours is an equal partnership, and at the end of the day we are by each others side, and very exhausted.

I am a mother to two amazing little kids. James is almost 7, and he is the most curious, intelligent and hilarious child I have encountered (and of course the most beautiful boy because I am his mother and of course he is!). Amaya is the definition of a “three-nager’ and she is a little spit-fire. She is bubbly, loving, also hilarious and a free spirit. Parenting is a journey that no book can prepare you for.  The ups, the downs, the stress, the sleeplessness.  But also the love and joy.  Its a mixed bag if anything at this stage!

I am a Physical Therapist with a part time position in home health care. I really love what I do and the satisfaction of helping people get back on their feet in their own homes. I admire¬†parents who stay at home to raise their kids. I am home one day a week with my daughter and by the next day I am happy to be at work again. Not that I don’t love being with them, but I feel¬†working is easier and second-nature to me, where as parenting takes way more effort and brain power!!

I don’t know how my roles will change in the future, I do know that I will constantly have to adjust in this life. I have come to drop my expectations of what life should look like, because I’ve learned the hard way it does not always work out the way I picture it! That doesn’t mean it has to be bad- far from it in fact. Especially if there is coffee involved!