About a month ago I was chatting with a friend and we were discussing different activities we were doing with our children to keep them occupied during this extra time at home. The idea of community service came up and she gave me some ideas of what she was doing and I discussed what we had planned. This is such a difficult time for all of us and I feel that it is important to give back where we can, even if it is something small and simple. My children are still fairly young so I try not to make things too complicated, just as long as they get the idea of giving back.

Food Donation

I am lucky to live in a community that has “Helping Hands” boxes placed throughout the city. These boxes are placed in parking lots, on side streets, at churches and the pediatricians office. They are filled by other citizens for anyone in need. Most of the time they are filled with non perishable food items, on occasion other household and baby items.

I gathered cans and boxes from out pantry and discussed with my children that there are so many people who struggle to feed their families, and that if we have extra it is kind to help others to have food-a basic need for all of us. Food and clothing pantries are always looking for donations all year round so this can be done at any time!

Thank You’s

There are a lot of people who are working hard right now to keep our country safe and help those that are very sick. Writing cards to these heroes and sending them to hospitals/fire stations/nursing homes can be a great way to let people know they are appreciated. The kids can include pictures and their own words of how grateful they are.

Think of you

Many people may be isolated or lonely during this period of social distancing and quarantine. I helped the kids write cards/draw pictures to their grandparents letting them know we miss them. We were supposed to see them for the kids’ birthdays but it will be a few more months before we can be together again. We have, of course, taken advantage of FaceTime but what a lovely surprise a handwritten card can be!

There are also residents in nursing facilities who may be missing their loved ones, my friend suggested contacting one of the local homes to see if they would allow cards sent to some of their residents from the children to brighten their days.

Clean Ups

There are a few public places that we have gone, such as the local camping grounds, where we visited a creek to splash in for a while. When we ventured into the campsites we noticed some areas that needed cleaned. My children used sticks to poke trash and take them to the garbage cans. A simple task but they felt proud of themselves afterward. They also have been helping me pull weeds in the front garden, sprucing up our yard and doing our part to keeping our neighborhood looking nice.

It’s the little things that we can do in this time that can really make the difference in someone else’s day or life even. The sooner our kids learn the art of gratitude and appreciation the better our futures may turn out!